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Partnering With Biopharma to Share Success of Biologic Drugs

Enable Injections is a combination product company whose enFuse™ drug delivery platform is synonymous with large-volume wearable infusion technology.  When biopharma companies want to make their therapeutics more convenient for patients, they partner with Enable Injections to combine their products with the most size efficient body-worn self-administration devices available. These symbiotic alliances support product differentiation that allows Enable Injections, which specializes in subcutaneous delivery of 5-50 ml doses, to share in the commercial success of biologic therapies. The combination of the enFuse technology – which can be used in early stage clinical evaluations – with new therapeutics is expected to increase adherence and positively impact outcomes across a broad range of diseases.

Enable Injections: the Leader in a Fast-Growing Sector

The drugs and devices comprising these combination products will reach the market simultaneously. Enable’s technology delivers a subcutaneous flow of the drug and offers a less costly, more convenient alternative to IV administration of viscous, large-volume drugs. It allows patients to easily and comfortably administer the biologic at home or work while continuing their daily routines without the need to sit for hours to receive treatment.  In a sector expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% until 2024, Enable Injections’ technology is attracting multiple biopharma partners, suggesting it will be a key driver of this growth.

Drugs & Delivery are an Inseparable Combination

By overcoming the barriers to high-volume subcutaneous delivery, and with innovations such as its Smart EnFuse Bluetooth connectivity for HIPAA-compliant data capture to help patients adhere to regimens, Enable Injections has placed itself in a strong position in the sector.  Continuous patient-centered innovations ensure that Enable Injections remains the partner of choice for companies that want to differentiate biologics or prolong lifecycles of existing large-volume drugs.