Comera Life Sciences Significantly Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio Strengthening the Proprietary SQore Platform

Comera Life Sciences Holdings, Inc. recently announced a significant expansion of its SQore patent portfolio with the issuance of four new patents and two new notices of allowance. The six new patents, three issued in the US and three covering Canada, Korea, and India expand the number of proprietary viscosity-reducing excipients in Comera’s SQore platform and significantly broaden claims covered by previously issued patents.

“We have expanded and strengthened our robust global patent portfolio this year, and these new patents underscore our commitment to innovation and enhance our partnership and pipeline strategy,” said Jeffrey Hackman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Comera. “This accomplishment reiterates our position as the trusted partner for developing subcutaneous product formulations which have the potential to improve patient access and ease of use for important biologics. With more than 20 patents and significant continued activity around our partnerships and pipeline, we believe Comera is strongly positioned to transform the delivery of injectable biologics.”

Comera is using its proprietary formulation platform, SQore, to enable subcutaneous (SQ) delivery of intravenous (IV) drugs such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The addition of excipients, such as caffeine, interrupts intermolecular interactions to reduce viscosity of high concentration mAb formulations.

The new issuances and allowed patents broaden the number of SQore excipients covered for viscosity reduction claims, including exclusive rights to certain formulations containing combinations of its proprietary excipients. Additionally, the new patents significantly expand previously issued patent claims to provide exclusive rights on magnitude of viscosity reduction versus control, concentration of protein and quantity of excipient in formulations. Today’s announcement also marks the first issued patent in India, validating Comera’s efforts to ensure a broad geographic scope for SQore patent protection.

Leading a compassionate new era in medicine, Comera Life Sciences is applying a deep knowledge of formulation science and technology to transform essential biologic medicines from intravenous (IV) to subcutaneous (SQ) forms. The goal of this approach is to provide patients with the freedom of self-injectable care, reduce institutional dependency and to put patients at the center of their treatment regimen. For more information, visit