Colorcon Unveils Corelease - A Unified Brand for Novel Controlled-Release Formulated Systems

Colorcon has recently consolidated its range of controlled-release products under the new Corelease Controlled- Release Formulated Systems brand. This launch marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to advancing controlled-release technologies for the pharmaceutical industry.

Corelease systems are set to simplify controlled-release development, offering a streamlined approach to formulation design, while enhancing manufacturing efficiency. This novel approach will initially showcase two Colorcon coatings: Corelease EC Ethylcellulose Organic Coating System designed for the solvent-coating of multiparticulates and tablets for sustained-release and taste-masking applications, and Corelease CA Formulated Osmotic Coating System a one-step semipermeable membrane designed to ensure consistent release from push-pull osmotic pump (PPOP) tablets.

Colorcon will expand the range during 2024 bringing to market PPOP direct-to-hopper blends to enhance consistency and efficiency in osmotic tablet production.

Beth Tran, Global Business Manager, said “By consolidating these cutting-edge coatings under the new Corelease brand, we are laying the foundation to bring together our innovative products and expertise to support the evolving needs of the industry for controlled release. Our aim is to enhance productivity, reduce time-to-market, and empower pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve new levels of efficiency.”

Dr. Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, VP & Chief Innovation Officer, addsed “Our focused development program aims to address industry challenges, particularly in the case of PPOP tablets. These dosage forms commonly involve the use of polyethylene oxide (PEO) in their formulation, leading to multiple processing steps and cleaning procedures during manufacturing. Our novel approach will bring simple direct-to-hopper solutions that save time and reduce complexity.”

This strategic initiative reaffirms Colorcon’s position as an industry leader, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that drive efficiency, reliability, and success in pharmaceutical product development.

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