CN Bio Innovations Raises $9 Million to Strengthen Commercial Development

CN Bio Innovations recently announced it has raised $9 million investment, led by CITIC Securities Investment Co., Ltd., and supported by existing investor CN Innovations Holdings Ltd. The funding will be used to support commercial development and strengthen CN Bio’s position in its key market, the US, whilst also expanding operations across Europe. This funding will help drive sales of the company’s products and services, including the PhysioMimix platform. CN Bio has also announced the relocation and expansion of its headquarters to the Cambridge Science Park, UK, including 4,000 sq ft of laboratory space.

CN Bio’s micro-physiological systems enable researchers to study drug metabolism, toxicology, and specific disease models on single- and multi-organ systems. Providing efficiencies for preclinical drug testing with predictive human tissue-based data, CN Bio’s OOC technologies are able to replicate the micro-environments, cell-cell interactions, and biological processes that occur in vivo, to reliably bridge the gap between traditional cell culture assays and human studies, improving drug discovery while reducing research and development costs.

Dr. David Hughes, CEO, CN Bio Innovations, commented “This investment will enable us to focus on the delivery of our business strategy and the company’s commercial growth, while ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the organ-on-chip technologies field. We are delighted to have secured this investment from both new and existing investors, which reflects both the potential of our technology and products, as well as the unrivalled experience and capabilities of our team.”

 Hao Fang, CEO of CITIC Securities Investment Co., Ltd., added “The organ-on-chip market is estimated to grow to $220 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 39.9%. Building on over 10 years of research and development of organ-on-chip technology, CN Bio is an exciting and promising investment. We look forward to the company’s future developments, poised to transform the process of generating human-relevant preclinical data to ultimately bring new medicines to market, quicker.”

CN Bio Innovations is a leading cell culture company that has developed organ-on-chip laboratory instruments that improve the accuracy and efficiency of drug discovery. With more than a decade of research and development experience in multi-organ micro-physiology, the Company aims to transform the way human-relevant preclinical data is generated.

CN Bio’s organ-on-chip systems, which include the PhysioMimix lab-benchtop instrument, enable researchers to model human biology in the lab through rapid and predictive human tissue-based studies. The technology bridges the gap between traditional cell culture and human studies, advancing towards the simulation of human biological conditions to support the accelerated development of new therapeutics in application areas including oncology, infectious diseases, metabolism and inflammation. CN Bio’s technology is licensed from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Vanderbilt University, and has been successfully adopted by numerous pharma and academic partners. For more information, visit