Bormioli Pharma Acquires ISO GmbH

Bormioli Pharma recently announced the acquisition of ISO Arzneiverpackungen Gmbh, a German company specialized in the production of pharmaceutical packaging and, in particular, of tubular glass vials (Type I, II, III) designed for the injectable drugs, vaccines and chromatography markets.

With an annual production of over 100 million vials, ISO’s headquarters and production plant are located in Bad Königshofen, Northern Bavaria and the company employs over 100 people.

The acquisition – through its German subsidiary Remy & Geiser – will allow Bormioli Pharma to broaden its range of packaging for parenteral drugs even further. It follows recent investments in the Bergantino (Rovigo) and San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) plants and the acquisition of GCL Pharma in Vasto (Chieti), in April, which allowed for the addition of a wide range of rubber and aluminium closures for vials for injectable drugs to be added to the product portfolio.

From an industrial perspective, Bormioli Pharma will double its production capacity of tubular borosilicate glass vials, placing it among the top 10 producers in Europe for the number of containers produced annually, and significantly increase its share of the Central and Northern European market where it had already strengthened its presence last year as a result of the acquisition of Remy & Geiser.

“Thanks to this acquisition, we continue with our expansion plan, further growing our industrial presence in a market that represents important development opportunities,” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “Our commitment does not end here, and over the coming months we will invest even further, particularly in the areas of product innovation and industrial automation and digitalization in order to make our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging range even broader, more diversified and able to support the needs of even the most demanding players in the market.”

“I am proud that ISO has become part of a solid, international group like Bormioli Pharma,” added Marc Jeanrichard, former ISO shareholder and driving force behind the company through a period of growth and success in a complex and competitive market. “Thanks to this acquisition, ISO will benefit from further development potential and broaden its future horizons. I firmly believe in this project and I am honoured to leave a legacy of technical skills and professionalism that will help both companies achieve new goals.”

The acquisition of ISO represents a further step in Bormioli Pharma’s growth and expansion plan since it became part of the Triton investment fund portfolio at the end of 2017. Over the last 3 years, the company has invested considerable resources into industrial enhancement and commercial growth projects, both organically and through acquisitions.

The Bergantino (Rovigo) and San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) production plants have recently undergone renovation and expansion works with the refurbishment of the main furnaces and the installation of additional production lines, while at the Rivanazzano (Pavia) plant a significant industrial digitalization and production line automation project was implemented.

The acquisition follows those already completed previously, with the German company Remy & Geiser Gmbh at the end of 2019 and the Italian company GCL Pharma in April 2020, whose headquarters and plant are located in Vasto (Chieti).

Bormioli Pharma operates in close partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and with all the businesses that are engineering the future of healthcare. As a world-renowned player in the packaging industry, Bormioli Pharma serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market with integrated glass and plastic containers, closures, and packaging accessories using state-of-the-art materials and technologies. Each product is a unique combination of rigorous studies, cutting-edge technology, extreme testing, advanced industrial processes, and the finest materials.  As a partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Bormioli Pharma invests and innovates with one goal in mind: improving people’s lives. Bormioli Pharma employees over 1,200 people, produces 6.5 billion pieces every year and had an annual turnover of approximately €250 million in 2019.