Atlas Nanotech Announces Successful Development of First-Ever OTC Nanotechnology Vitamin A

Costas Inc. DBA Atlas Nanotech adds another unique nanotechnology medical product to its portfolio. Recently, CEO Dr. Julio Riestra announced the completion of development of the first-ever nanotechnology vitamin A (retinol)-based crystalline eye drop. The product to be sold under the trade name NANO CLEAR A will compete with products in the treatment of dry eye disease, a $1.8-billion market in the US.

The development represents the culmination of research initiated by Dr. Aldo Oregon Miranda, an ophthalmologist surgeon and member of the scientific advisory board of Atlas Nanotech, in collaboration with Professor David De La Mora, Atlas’ chairman.

There is currently no OTC ophthalmic treatment based on Vitamin A (Retinol) that helps treat the consequences of dry eye syndrome. Vitamin A, in addition to being friendly to the eyes, has effectiveness greater than 5% adsorption by that organ. Using nanotechnology, it is possible to encapsulate Vitamin A in order to achieve a better absorption of it in the eye. Atlas has created nanoparticles of Vitamin A of less than 100 nanometers capable of being suspended in a crystalline ophthalmic solution and easily absorbed. These nanoparticles present no risk of toxicity because the concentration is very low but much more efficient due to their size. This solves a fairly common problem in the population that is also effective in post-surgery patients.

Within ophthalmology, Vitamin A (Retinol) is used as a corneal protector and corneal wound healing promotor. This is possible because it has hydrophobic properties that help the epithelium and stroma growth and also in a secondary manner to enrich the tear film composition and osmolality.

Dry eye disease’s main consequences are epithelium loss and altered tear film osmolality. That is why Vitamin A not only can aid symptoms better than any regular artificial tears product, but also the altered morphology provides long term results.

Until now retinol could only be delivered in a salve, making it useful only for sleep time use. Also Vitamin A which is known to be the most effective treatment for post-surgical eye procedures, however in large doses can be toxic. In its particulate state, retinol suspended in a crystalline solution is completely safe for sale as an over-the-counter treatment.

Nano particle allow it to remain hydrophobic, which warrants better adhesion and availability of the components. It also provides the opportunity to have a pharmaceutical form of solution which is carried on an acetate vehicle. The fact that it is an acetate help maintain the permanence of the components within the cornea. Atlas Nanotech is currently analyzing the possibilities for production and distribution of Nano Clear A or licensing of the patented process.

Costas Inc. has been trading under the symbol CSSI since the year 2014. With the recent acquisition of the Guadalajara based Nano-medical firm Atlas Nanotech, it now enters the dynamic new market of nanotechnology development and manufacturing.