At-a-Glance, a New Way to Visualize Market Data

By: Tim McLean, Senior Editor, Life Sciences BCC Research, Boston, MA

Our new type of market research report is far shorter—but hopefully it delivers the bigger picture.

In the tradition of Edward Tufte, and more recently the Broad Institute’s Bang Wong, BCC Research is presenting a new product — one that consists of visual representation of market shares across a sector or even an entire industry. Mr. Tufte and Mr. Wong have spent their lives defining the The Truthful Art, the visual display of quantitative information in the most accurate and elegant way possible.

Yearly, we publish more than 400 “standard” reports you are probably used to (200+ pages, 70,000 words, a very specific topic like Colloidal Stabilization of Nanoparticles in Pharmaceuticals), and we have no plans to stop, as there is always a need for in-depth market research.

But we took a look at the sheer volume what we publish across life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and biotech over a year, and determined we’d be fools not to meta-mine that body of work for all data about market shares that was either already visual, or could easily become so.

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And so, the first product in the new line has leapt onto the scene: Markets at a Glance: Pharmaceuticals is a visually attractive and informative report that you can lift with one hand (or browse on your tablet without it seizing), about the size of a children’s book, 50 pages of visual snapshots of 2018-2019 market share data across Pharma –   manufacturers, distributors, consumers, products, and players; all in digestible charts, graphs, and tables.

I consider it a view from the roof, a periscope up to the large theater, a valuable survey of the Very Big Picture. I’m sure there’s a perfect nautical metaphor here but it escapes me at this writing. Future Glances will include healthcare and hospital landscapes, medical devices, clinical trials, and drug manufacture. As valuable as deep market research dives are to all stakeholders in drug discovery, we here at BCC Research truly hope these big pictures help show you the way forward. Look through the periscope here, see if it’s for you.

BCC Research is one of the most respected producers of market research globally. With almost 50 years of experience in producing incisive research across a large number of industries, their market analyses serve as an excellent guide to where the market is now as well as where it will be in the future. With a global focus and specific reporting on the largest regions across the world, their findings are representative of where the market truly is. Boasting experts across many industries, including advanced materials, biotechnology, drug manufacturing, and technology, BCC Research is well placed to help your company make the right choices and keep you ahead of the competition.

Before becoming Senior Editor of Life Sciences for BCC Research, Tim McLean spent 6 years with the National Science Foundation’s Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) as Managing Editor for both the education wing and periodicals. He then joined QuantiaMD (now Univadis, a division of Aptus Health), an online learning platform for physicians with over 200,000 members, as Managing Editor of Healthcare Education. He spent 10 years refining how practicing doctors and nurses learn, retain what they learn, and improve their patient care decisions accordingly. He can be reached at 617-630-0993 or