Ashland Showcases New Bioresorbable Polymers Technology Platform, Pharmaceutical Products & Solutions

Ashland is showcasing its recently launched bioresorbable polymers technology platform and two new life sciences products during upcoming tradeshows, including CPHI Barcelona, October 24-26, in booth 5J10; at AAPS PHarmSCi 360 in Orlando, FL, October 22-25, booth 2701.

Ashland’s bioresorbable polymers technology platform is scalable and includes multiple market segments and potential applications including long acting injectables for chronic disease, and animal health; advanced drug delivery for improved mRNA delivery; and medical devices and regenerative medicine for dermal fillers, sutures, screws and more.

At these simultaneous events, and under the bioresorbable polymers technology platform, Ashland is introducing Viatel Ultrapure high-purity bioresorbable polymers, a line extension that offers improved stability and longer, more consistent drug release profiles for long-acting injectables and implants (LAII). These low monomer polymers are better suited for sensitive drug compounds in LAII.

Ashland is also introducing Klucel Fusion hpc, the only immediate release tablet binder ever designed for melt granulation. Compared to other binders, Klucel Fusion hpc offers stellar tablet binding performance at a significantly lower melt processing temperature.

To address recent industry and marketplace dynamics, the Ashland team will be sharing samples of tablets coated with Aquarius TF titanium-free coating. Aquarius TF film coatings system is one of the fully formulated coatings systems offered by Ashland.

During the shows, Ashland will also highlight Polyplasdone Plus co-processed multifunctional direct compression superdisintegrant containing a glidant and lubricant. This innovative product eliminates two manufacturing steps, simplifying equipment setup while delivering improved tablet hardness and helping ensure the production of consistent, high-quality products in batch and continuous manufacturing.

“Because continuous manufacturing is the way forward for pharmaceutical production, Ashland scientists are collaborating with pharma customers to improve product quality, reduce production time, enable greater flexibility, and reduce manufacturing costs while increasing process yields,” said Brandt Giffin, Senior Director Strategic Marketing and New Business Development, Life Sciences, Ashland. “We are finding more sustainable solutions that result in fewer manufacturing steps for our customers, and better product attributes for enhanced tablet performance for consumers.”

The Ashland portfolio of products for continuous manufacturing also includes Klucel  xtend hpc with unrivaled versatility across a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in every manufacturing process: dry-granulation, wet-granulation, direct compression, and hot-melt extrusion. Klucel xtend hpc offers the possibility of smaller pills or higher dosage while matching the release profile at half the concentration of widely used hypromellose-based controlled release formulations.

Ashland has recently invested in additional manufacturing capacity for Benecel PH DC hypromellose, a patented, surface-modified, co-processed pharmaceutical excipient that provides improved performance in direct compression and continuous manufacturing applications. Reducing lead time to meet demand and improving delivery continuity, the capacity investment also enhances Ashland’s production capacity for custom molecular weight Benecel pharmaceutical excipients. Customized Benecel grades help customers circumvent batch blending processes that can result in unpredictable release rate variability for APIs.

In addition, Ashland’s solvers will discuss the industry’s most complete portfolio of controlled release products that can be designed to meet a variety of release profiles and dosage forms, including functional excipients for parenteral dosage formulations, such as Cavitron cyclodextrins for increasing solubility and high purity Vialose trehalose dihydrate, an ingredient used to protect and stabilize proteins for biologic medicines.

Visitors to the booth will also be entertained with a newly minted set of attractive videos that cover all of the Ashland specialties.

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