Ashland Announces Multifunctional Disintegrant for Improved Pharmaceutical Process Throughput

Ashland is introducing Polyplasdone Plus, a co-processed multifunctional direct compression superdisintegrant containing a glidant and lubricant. Saving time and simplifying development, the multifunctional disintegrant offers superior powder flow and lubrication during pharmaceutical manufacturing. This innovative product eliminates two manufacturing steps and simplifies equipment setup while simultaneously delivering improved tablet hardness and helping ensure the production of consistent, high-quality products in batch and continuous manufacturing.

“Polyplasdone Plus multifunctional disintegrant is another Ashland innovation that supports improvement in pharmaceutical excipient processing,” said Brandt Giffin, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing and New Business Development, Life Sciences, Ashland. “Through combined attributes, this new product improves both process productivity and product quality.”

Regarding parameter improvement, Polyplasdone Plus multifunctional disintegrant maximizes the capacity of equipment by increasing the powder flow function by 29% and the feed factor by 9%. “Ashland is responsibly solving for a healthier world by enabling one more step into the future of continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals,” said Thomas Durig, Head of Life Sciences R&D and Innovation, Ashland.“

The continued focus on improving manufacturing efficiency coupled with strong demand for the tablet dosage form is driving the use of high-speed tableting. Ashland’s innovative multifunctional direct compression disintegrant, Polyplasdone Plus multifunctional disintegrant, will help overcome development hurdles and improve process efficiencies due to low ejection force and enhanced flow properties, with no additional lubricant required.

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