Artelo Biosciences Announces Positive Pre-Clinical Data Associated With Proprietary CBD Cocrystal

Artelo Biosciences, Inc. recently announced Saoirse O’Sullivan, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Scientific Advisor to Artelo, along with Ryan Maguire and Dr. Timothy England of the University of Nottingham, have generated data showing potential pharmacodynamic interactions of co-administration of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) in cell-based models of cancer. The research focused on the components of Artelo’s proprietary CBD:TMP cocrystal program, also known as ART12.11.

Professor O’Sullivan noted, “CBD and TMP are both molecules of therapeutic interest, but whose utility is limited by their poor bioavailability. Through this research, we sought to determine whether a CBD-TMP co-administration could confer additive or synergistic biological actions through pharmacodynamic interactions. Since both molecules are potential anti-cancer agents, we investigated whether there would be an interaction at a cellular level between these molecules in human cancer cell lines. We found that there were synergistic and additive interactions between CBD and TMP in their abilities to prevent cancer cell growth and to kill cancer cells. However, there was also a small reduction in the anti-migratory effect of CBD when TMP was present. We believe these positive initial studies warrant further in vivo preclinical research in animal tumor models, where we also expect to see a pharmacokinetic interaction leading to improved drug exposure with the CBD:TMP cocrystal compared to either molecular alone.”

“We are highly encouraged by the results of this preclinical research and look forward to reporting the full results at a future scientific conference,” said Gregory Gorgas, Artelo’s President & Chief Executive Officer. “The study observed enhanced effects between CBD and TMP, versus either compound alone, reinforcing our confidence in the potential for enhanced efficacy of our proprietary CBD cocrystal. Moreover, the fact we have been awarded a composition of matter patent provides us with the prospect of strong market exclusivity, thereby allowing us to pursue clinical approval and commercialization for a wide range of indications.”

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