Arch Biopartners Receives Funding for Development of LSALT Peptide Drug Program

Arch Biopartners Inc. recently announced it is receiving advisory services and up to $4 million in funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to support the research and development of the LSALT peptide (Metablok) program. LSALT peptide is the company’s lead drug candidate for treating acute inflammation injury in the lungs, kidneys, and liver.

The research and development funding from NRC IRAP will help support several sub-tasks needed to advance the LSALT peptide drug program. These include: dose escalation studies; costs incurred by Arch during the Canadian Treatments for COVID-19 Phase 3 human trial; manufacturing new drug product supply to support future non-COVID human trials; the non-COVID Phase 2 trials (such as a cardiac surgery associated acute kidney injury trial) to gather more human data to support future drug approval; and, additional non-clinical studies to discover potential biomarkers and to further understand the mechanism of action related to LSALT peptide.

“We appreciate this support from NRC IRAP as we continue to develop LSALT Peptide as a treatment for inflammation injury in the lungs, kidneys, and liver. This project funding will enable Arch to complete several important drug development tasks in the next 12 months,” said Richard Muruve, CEO of Arch Biopartners

The term of the Project extends to March 31, 2024.

Arch Biopartners Inc. is a clinical stage company focused on the development of innovative technologies that have the potential to make a significant medical or commercial impact. Arch Biopartners is developing a pipeline of new drug candidates that inhibit inflammation in the lungs, liver, and kidneys via the dipeptidase-1 (DPEP-1) pathway, relevant for multiple medical indications. For more information, visit