ABITEC Corporation Launches New Versatile Excipient for Oral Dose Applications

ABITEC Corporation, a global manufacturer of specialty lipids, continues to develop products that meet the ever-evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry.  The challenges of drug formulation and delivery continue to drive the need for lipid-based formulation solutions.  ABITEC is continuing to expand its portfolio of excipients to meet these demands and bring new innovative technologies to the pharmaceutical industry.

ABITEC’s CAPMUL® GDB EP/NF is a monographed glyceryl dibehenate utilized for a range of dosing solutions.  CAPMUL GDB EP/NF is a high-purity, highly-reproducible solid lipid exipient which offers good flow and uniform particle size distribution for use in multiple fomrulations, including tablets, hard gels, softgels, solid lipid nanoparticles, nano-structured lipids, granulations, multi-particulates, extrudates, congealing, and liquids.  ABITEC is dedicated to developing high quality lipid excipients for use globally in a range of diversified pharmaceutical applications.

ABITEC’s trademarked specialty lipids include Capmul®, Captex®, Caprol®, Acconon®, Sterotex®, Nutri Sperse®, Hydro~Kote® and Pureco®. Product application areas vary from pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic products, to the manufacturing of foams, creams, ointments and lotions. These ingredients are produced in the USA under cGMP manufacturing.

ABITEC Corporation is part of ABF Ingredients and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA with two manufacturing sites in the Midwest. ABITEC specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of specialty lipid ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and specialty chemical industries.  In addition, ABITEC offers contract and toll manufacturing services for customers looking to develop and manufacture new oleochemical molecules, blends, or toll-manufacture of  established products.

ABF Ingredients is a division of Associated British Foods that focuses on high value ingredients for both food and non-food areas and comprises a range of ingredient companies which include AB Enzymes, Ohly, PGP International, and SPI Pharma.  The group has established strong market positions across a variety of industries, including cereal specialties, enzymes, esters, extruded ingredients, functional polyols, drug delivery systems,  specialty lipids, specialty powders, specialty flours, and yeast extracts worldwide.

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