5 Prime Sciences Announces Strategic Collaboration With Lilly in Cardio-Metabolic Diseases

5 Prime Sciences recently announced a strategic collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company dedicated to accelerating target discovery and early development in the field of cardio-metabolic diseases. This collaboration integrates Lilly’s leadership in cardio-metabolic disease therapies with 5 Prime Sciences’ cutting-edge expertise in discovery and validation of drug targets using human genetics, proteomics and metabolomics.

The multi-year collaboration is designed to advance early cardio-metabolic disease drug development at Lilly. Under the terms of the agreement, 5 Prime Sciences will deploy its state-of-the-art human genetics, multi-omics and AI technologies to identify and validate potential drug targets in cardio-metabolic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and related conditions.

5 Prime’s  innovative methodology, and unique datasets, are anticipated to significantly expedite the drug discovery process by increasing the probability that the selected drug targets have causal effects on disease pathology. Doing so will enhance Lilly’s abilities to develop clinically impactful medicines in cardio-metabolic disease.

5 Prime Sciences will receive upfront payments, research fees, and will be eligible for downstream clinical and commercial milestones, as well as royalty payments on net sales of products

“This collaboration further exemplifies our commitment to addressing the complex challenges of cardio-metabolic diseases,” said Ruth Gimeno, PhD, Group Vice President, Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Research at Lilly. “Our purpose at Lilly is to develop innovative medicines that make life better for people around the world, and we look forward to leveraging 5 Prime Sciences’ deep expertise in genetics, proteomics and metabolomics in this effort.”

Dr. Brent Richards, CEO of 5 Prime Sciences, added “We are excited to partner with Lilly, a global pharmaceutical leader known for its commitment to improving patient lives. 5 Prime’s mission is realized through partnerships such as this, which allow us to combine our scientific and clinical insights with partners’ drug development capabilities to advance the discovery of novel drug targets, ultimately helping to bring new treatments to the millions of individuals affected by cardio-metabolic diseases.”

The collaboration between Lilly and 5 Prime Sciences reflects both organizations’ dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation and scientific excellence. It is anticipated that the partnership will not only accelerate drug development but also lead to breakthrough therapies that make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients worldwide.

5 Prime Sciences is a leading biotechnology data analytics company specializing in human genetics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge scientific technologies to discover novel drug targets and therapeutic interventions for rare and complex diseases. For more information, visit www.5prime.com.