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Meeting the Rising Need in Delivering Biological Treatments

Enable Injections’ technology is designed to meet the delivery needs of biologics treatments that comprise an increasing focus in product development. The Enable Injections enFuseTM (wearable infuser) can address the new set of challenges and deliver these high-volume, often highly viscous therapeutics to the patient in an effective, safe, and affordable means that cannot be addressed by legacy injection systems. Enable Injections is introducing their wearable infusers to deliver these drugs subcutaneously, by patients at home, with the potential to help revolutionize treatment of cancer, autoimmune deficiencies, blood disorders, and a range of other conditions. Enable Injections intends to create market-leading biologics delivery devices to support patient-centric self-administration.

The Enable On-Body Delivery System

Now manufacturing devices for clinical studies, Enable Injections develops and manufactures medical devices for convenient self-administration of high-volume subcutaneous injectable drugs. The Enable on-body delivery system (OBDS) consists of a range of infusers capable of delivering up to 50 ml – with associated transfer systems (Syringe, Vial, or Fully-Automated Reconstitution) – that intuitively transfer drug from the original primary container closure to the enFuseTM. Therefore, the system does not require any change to the primary container, ensuring further drug stability studies and new product or assembly lines are not required.

 Enable’s Solution for Patient Centricity & Differentiation

The Enable OBDS provides the potential solution for delivery of high-volume subcutaneous products to enable, enhance, and differentiate the biopharmaceutical portfolio. The flexible platform technology supports early clinical experience and patient adherence/acceptance to therapy. Early partnership provides Pharmaceutical companies with the opportunity to get new innovative pipeline products to market quickly and iterate design features with user feedback. For relevant products life cycle management opportunities supported by use of the Enable system include facilitating the delivery of intravenous formulations to subcutaneous delivery or by reducing the dose frequency of current subcutaneous formulations through increasing the dose volume.

 Enable’s Solution for Patients & Healthcare

The Enable enFuseTM is designed for the patient to self-administer at home, potentially replacing infusions at a health facility and improving cost effectiveness of biological therapies. Additionally, the infuser is designed to have a friendly looking appeal to reduce anxiety; provide the smallest profile and size for highest delivery volume; promote user mobility; and be simple/intuitive to use.