Saama Challenges Analytics Industry to Guarantee Data Platforms to Help Accelerate Drug Development

Saama Technologies, Inc. recently issued a call-to-action on Clinical Trials Day urging the analytics industry to commit to timely deployment of solutions for biopharmaceutical companies and the elimination of launch delays that too often hinder clinical operations. Saama launched its new Product Guarantee as the vanguard of this challenge, pledging to its biopharmaceutical partners a 4-week timeline for activation and access to the out-of-the-box capabilities of its award-winning Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC).

“Time and again, Saama has heard our life science clients express frustration regarding promises made by technology vendors about timelines that were never met, leading to unsuccessful launches that delayed clinical progress,” said Joe Ehrline, Vice President of Sales at Saama Technologies. “Data analytics should facilitate, not hamper, clinical development. Saama’s Product Guarantee will establish an industry standard for delivering actionable business insights in a defined period of time that will help move the clinical development needle forward, while minimizing risk.”

“The life science industry has historically struggled with and been very dissatisfied by the discrepancy between the promise of data analytics activation timelines and the reality of inevitable, associated delays,” said Alan S. Louie, PhD, Research Director, Life Sciences, IDC. “We welcome Saama’s Product Guarantee, and hope that the company’s call-to-action reverses this trend and leads to similar commitments from other data analytics providers.”

Saama’s Product Guarantee is facilitated by the easy-to-use LSAC platform, an AI-powered platform disrupting the planning, designing, and conduct of clinical trials across various stages of clinical development. The platform’s flexibility drives its speed of deployment and makes it easy to configure. LSAC seamlessly ingests, integrates, curates, and harmonizes clinical trial operational and patient data from proprietary and external data sources to deliver actionable, regulatory-ready insights. LSAC’s novel deep learning approach significantly compresses clinical program timelines from clinical plan development to submission judgment for a New Drug Application (NDA). For further details about the Saama Product Guarantee, contact:

Saama Technologies is the advanced clinical data and analytics company, unleashing wisdom from data to deliver better actionable business outcomes for the life sciences industry. Saama’s unified, AI-driven clinical data analytics cloud platform seamlessly integrates, curates, and animates unlimited sources of structured, unstructured, and real-world data to deliver actionable insights across all therapeutic areas. The award-winning platform gives unprecedented real-time visibility into clinical data, enabling sponsors to file New Drug Applications (NDAs) more efficiently to bring drugs to market faster and at lower costs. For more information, visit