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ARL Bio Pharma is a contract laboratory that provides analytical and microbiological testing to pharmaceutical companies and research scientists. Our laboratory is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and serves over 3,000 clients nationwide. Since 1998, ARL has supported the industry-wide commitment to deliver high-quality therapeutic drug products by providing guidance and test services for all phases of the product lifecycle following USP, FDA, and ICH guidelines.

Whether you are an innovator or pharmaceutical manufacturer, we provide the testing needed to get your protein therapeutics and cell and gene therapies to market. ARL’s dedicated team oversees the entire process from understanding your product goals to providing results and helping interpret the data.

ARL is FDA registered and audited, ISO 17025 accredited and DEA licensed for Schedules I through V. Our laboratory maintains programs that support continuous improvement yielding over 20 years of quality service through experience and excellence.


ARL offers a breadth of testing services on small molecules, biologics, proteins and peptides:

Analytical Testing to verify drug product chemical and physical properties:

  • E. Coli and CHO Host Cell Proteins
  • E. Coli Residual DNA Quantification
  • CHO Residual DNA Quantification
  • Human Residual DNA Quantification
  • DNA-Protein Binding Detection
  • Protein Aggregation
  • Protein Size and Charge Variant
  • Stability Studies
  • Method Development and Validation
  • USP Monograph Testing
  • Y-Site Compatibility Studies
  • Dissolution
  • Pre-clinical and Clinical Trial Testing

Microbiology Testing to verify drug product microbiological properties:

  • USP <61> Microbial Enumeration
  • USP <62> Specified Organisms
  • USP <71> Sterility
  • Rapid Sterility
  • USP <85> Endotoxin
  • Bacterial Residual RNA Quantification

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