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Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) is a leading company in the field of functional chemicals, such as oxygen barrier and absorbing polymers. MGC established the Advanced Business Development Division in 2015 for tackling a variety of today’s problems, and the division created OXYCAPTTM Multilayer Plastic Vial & Syringe to solve some issues of existing primary packaging for injectable drugs.


OXYCAPTTM Vial & Syringe consists of three layers. The inner and outer layers are made of cyclo-olefin polymer (COP), the most reliable polymer in the pharmaceutical industry. The middle layer is made of state-of-the-art polyester developed by MGC.

The oxygen-barrier property is almost equivalent to glass and much better than COP. OXYCAPTTM also provides an ultra violet (UV) barrier. For example, although about 70% of 300 nm of UV light transmits through glass and COP, only 1.7% transmits through OXYCAPTTM. These excellent barrier qualities contribute to the stability of biologics. According to internal studies, OXYCAPTTM surpassed glass and COP in terms of preventing oxidation of antibody.

Furthermore, the characteristics of COP used to the drug contact layer bring more advantages to OXYCAPTTM. Some studies have shown OXYCAPTTM generates extremely low levels of extractables. Especially, the level from OXYCAPTTM is much less than type 1 glass with regard to inorganic extractables.

OXYCAPTTM Vial & Syringe are produced by co-injection molding technology. Although the technology has been applied to beverage bottles for many years, MGC is the first company that succeeded in coming up with multilayer plastic syringes. MGC has also developed inspection machinery for the multilayer vial & syringe. All of the containers are 100% inspected by the machinery.

There are 2-mL, 6-mL, and 10-mL for vials, and 1-mL long and 2.25-mL long for syringes. Regarding the ready to use (RTU) vials and syringes, these are sterilized by gamma and provided with ISO-based nest & tub formats. As customizability is one of the features for plastic, MGC is able to consider developing customized OXYCAPTTM containers if requested.

Biologics is a target application for OXYCAPTTM because it is basically sensitive to oxygen, UV, and metals. In addition, OXYCAPT can be applied to epinephrine, which is well-known as an oxygen-sensitive drug. MGC believes that OXYCAPTTM contributes to stability of oxygen and UV-sensitive drugs.