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LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leading-edge research boutique that provides innovative drug formulation development services to the human and animal health biotech/pharmaceutical industries. Since our founding in 2003, we have completed more than 750 client projects and established a reputation for successfully formulating highly insoluble compounds – a problem attributable to 40% of new drug development failures.


We are formulation specialists who overcome the tough formulation challenges of problematic compounds, and we have built our reputation on a track record of creative approaches, reliability, rapid turnaround, and client satisfaction. LATITUDE’s extensive experience and technical strengths in a wide range of dosage forms are applied to help our clients successfully address even the most difficult formulation challenges.

LATITUDE’s background, experience, and unique internally developed technologies are applied to solve problematic formulation issues, such as insolubility, poor absorption, poor taste, and/or vein irritation that are often encountered.

In addition, LATITUDE develops its own proprietary drug products by re-formulating existing drugs, thereby improving efficacy, safety, and overall therapeutic value. We are proactive in forming strategic alliances and out-licensing new reformulated drug products.

Drug Delivery Platforms

Nano-E (Nanoemulsion)

– A versatile solubility-enhancing platform for oral/injectable liquid formulations, ideal for highly insoluble APIs or “brickdusts”

PG Depot (Phospholipid Gel Depot)

– Allows a customizable release profile of a subcutaneously administered drug over 1-7 days
– Injectable through fine (up to 28 G) needles for easy subQ administration

ARTSS (Aqueous Room Temperature-Stable Solutions)

– A platform for the transformation of lyophilized powders or 2-8°C solutions into RT-stable aqueous solutions

RFAP (Rapidly-Dissolving Amorphous Powders)

– Creates a stable, amorphous, water-soluble powder that keeps the API from reverting to the crystalline state

24H (All-Day 24-hr ER Tablets)

– An oral tablet platform for increased dosage and linear, sustained release of drugs for up to 24 hours


– Novel delivery format for high/bulky dose oral drugs and/or sustained release


– Novel transdermal spray/rub-on gel that dries as durable patch to provide multiday drug delivery

Feedlets (Animal Health)

– Controlled-release, taste-masked pellets or chewables that can be easily administered in animal feed

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