Gattefosse Corporation
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We provide specialty excipients and drug delivery solutions to the health industries worldwide. With a service and distribution network that spans more than 60 countries, we ensure responsiveness to the pharmaceutical industry’s needs from both regional and global perspectives. Gattefosse Corporation serves customers in USA, Canada, and Mexico.


Creating sophisticated and innovative lipid excipients is a core specialty of the Gattefosse Group. Each excipient is designed to meet a unique set of formulation and functionality objectives while conforming to the highest safety, quality, and regulatory standards. The product offering includes solubilizers, emulsifiers, bioavailability enhancers, sustained release matrix formers, and skin penetration enhancers for all routes of administration.

Formulation Development Support

With the inauguration of the Gattefosse Technical Center of Excellence (TCE)  in the USA, we are closer to the customers in North America, addressing their product formulation needs, helping advance their projects, and to shorten the time to successful drug development.

Additionally, guidance documents for excipient selection and formulation design for preclinical as well as late development stages are available upon request.

Investing in the USA

With the construction of a new, state of the art application laboratory, and expansion of office space at the current location in Paramus NJ, the Gattefosse group continues its investments in the region.

Core Values

The conviction that achieving an innovative edge benefits all concerned is rooted in the 135 year history of the Gattefosse enterprise. This vision is supported by our direct involvement in R&D and learning initiatives that foster knowledge sharing. Sponsoring St-Remy conferences for 50 years and AAPS scientific awards since 1990’s are examples of such initiatives.

Safety, Regulatory & Quality Support

Gattefosse characterizes each excipient for physico-chemical properties and safety profiles and ensures each product has global regulatory acceptance. Every product is supported with full dossiers including safety data, regulatory standing, and updated Drug Master Files with the FDA.

Our Goal

We aim to simplify formulation decisions that minimize attrition rates and shorten the drug development path. For existing drugs that could benefit from improved dosing, better patient compliance, or extension of product life cycle, we emphasize innovative formulation technologies. For new drug entities that suffer from solubility and bioavailability issues we focus on guidance for pre-formulation decisions that may be combined with innovative drug delivery approaches.