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Portal Instruments aims to replace all needles and syringes with a safe, fast, and connected device and to become the standard for modern drug delivery. Portal’s needle-free injector is easy to use, and its digital health features empower the patient to holistically manage their chronic condition.

Patient Preferred
Studies have shown that patients perceive less pain and prefer Portal’s Needle-free injector versus needle and syringe injections.1 A recent survey by Portal Instruments found the majority of patients were highly interested in Portal’s needle-free injector and that 60% were likely to switch medications in order to use a needle-free drug delivery device.2

Next Generation-Needle-Free Technology
Portal Instrument’s approach to needle-free drug delivery is quite different from earlier generations of mechanically-based injectors. The Portal Instrument injector administers the drug into the subcutaneous space through a highly pressurized, computer-controlled jet stream. One of the advantages of Portal’s needle-free injector is that the jet-stream has a diameter of 200 µm while commonly used needles have a diameter of 400 µm (27 gauge).

In Portal’s closed loop system, the device’s computer-controlled motor and internal feedback control system work together to sense the pressure and adjust the velocity of the jet-stream accordingly.

A Platform Solution for a Wide Variety of Drug Products
The drug is delivered from a one-time use, ready-to-fill cartridge that is provided to the fill/finish manufacturer in a standard 16 x 10 nest and tub. The design of the cartridge and nest and tub format enables easy and seamless product fill at leading global fill/finish CMOs.

The Prime device has been successfully tested with a wide array of 1-mL drugs, from small molecules to peptides and mAbs over 400 cP. Regardless of the viscosity, the subcutaneous injection is able to be administered in less than 0.5 seconds.

Connectivity for Adherence Insights
The Prime needle-free device can be automatically connected to a secure cloud server, allowing patients the ability to automatically track their injections. Portal’s vision is for this data to provide real-time adherence insights which can ultimately be used by the healthcare team to drive better outcomes.

Portal is looking to develop strong partnerships with biopharma manufacturers seeking to differentiate their drugs via  a patient-centric delivery system.


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