Frontida BioPharm, Inc.
1100 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Contact: Frank Sorce, Senior Director, Business Development
T: (973) 879-2735


Frontida BioPharm
Frontida BioPharm, Inc. is a leading provider of  product development and manufacturing services for both small and large biotech, pharmaceutical, and consumer health companies. Combining the rich heritage of resources from URL/Mutual Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia, PA, and Aurora, IL, with the development expertise from Frontage Laboratories and the region’s best pharmaceutical companies, Frontida is helping our partners reach the market faster, ensuring robust product performance and on-time supply of clinical and commercial products. Our 300,000-sq-ft manufacturing facilities supply prescription and OTC products, Highly Potent Active Ingredient (HPAI) products, Fixed-dose Combination Products, and DEA schedules II–V products. Our 4 commercial packaging lines, equipped with validated product serialization technology, provide packaging services for both commercial products and clinical trial material supplies. Since its inception, Frontida has supported the Greater Philadelphia region’s efforts to retain highly talented pharmaceutical professionals through its job training programs for skilled workers, providing employment opportunities for more than 250 personnel over the last 18 months. Frontida – Quality Manufacturing, Extraordinary Care.™

Our vision is to make a positive impact on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through our services. We aim to create a healthy, caring and dedicated work environment for our employees, so they can provide the highest quality healthcare products for patients. But we understand that the world is bigger than our four walls. That’s why we make it our duty to contribute to our community as individuals and as a corporation, and keep our community in mind in everything we do.


cGMP Clinical & Commercial Production
Demonstrated success supplying a billion  immediate and controlled release tablets / capsules with DEA, solvent, and HPAI processing capabilities.

Clinical & Commercial Packaging
Oral solid dose, powders, and liquids packaging in bottles with serialization of primary / secondary labeling and cartoning (unit and aggregate).

Clinical Trial Materials
Adaptive formulation technologies for Phase I – IV clinical trial materials manufacturing with packaging in dose-packs or clinical kit assemblies.

Complete Analytical Services
Method transfer and development, in process, DP testing and stability.