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Scienced-Based CDMO

Hovione offers customized services and innovative solutions from drug substance to drug product with high standards of quality and technical expertise. We provide reliable supply with flexible manufacturing to bring medicines to market faster. Utilizing innovative technologies and methodologies, and with a global footprint, Hovione is an integrated supplier to the pharmaceutical industry having the privilege of serving patients.

From Drug Substance to Drug Product

Hovione’s expertise and methodologies that were used to develop complex API synthesis and world-leading spray-drying approaches are applied to inhalation and oral drug product with the new Drug Product Center. The facility is prepared to handle high potency compounds and operate within tight environmental control.

Hovione can manufacture drug substance all the way to commercial supplies and perform formulation development and production of early clinical supplies, as well as clinical supplies manufacturing for drug products. With blending, granulation, dry granulation, milling, tableting, film coating, and encapsulation equipment, we can supply few grams batches, for formulation evaluation, to Proof-of-Concept (POC) clinical batches.

The Leader in Commercial Spray Drying

Combining the largest capacity, the best scale-up science, and the most experienced team, we can handle projects from development to market. Our particle engineering technologies can address oral bioavailability, lung delivery, modified release, and taste masking. In each technology, we can support you from proof-of-concept to commercial manufacturing.

Our Particle Engineering manufacturing assets are spread over three sites (Cork, Loures, New Jersey) and range from pilot to very large-scale equipment. We can also handle highly potent compounds at our Loures and New Jersey sites in response to meet our customer’s needs. Our Development-by-Design methodology allows our customers to save costly API, to shorten development timelines and get guaranteed results.

Everything for Inhalation
Inspired by innovation, Hovione’s world-leading expertise in particle engineering, customized high-performance APIs, and formulation development are the ingredients for a partnership starting from clinical programs and into commercial supply.

The Company

Hovione has over 55 year of experience as a CDMO and is currently a fully integrated supplier offering from drug substance to drug product intermediate to drug product. With four FDA-inspected sites in the US, Ireland, Portugal, and China and development laboratories in Portugal and the US, Hovione provides branded pharmaceutical customers services for the development and compliant manufacture of innovative drugs, including highly potent compounds. Hovione employs 1,900 people worldwide and has more than 1300m3 of flexible production capacity.

We do well what is difficult, to give our customers what they cannot find elsewhere. Please visit www.hovione.com.