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ILC Dover is a world leader in the innovative design and production of engineered flexible protective solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, flood protection, personal protection, bulk packaging, and aerospace industries. Our customers will attest to our relentless dedication to high-value products, advanced technology, and responsive service, as our visionary solutions have improved efficiency while safeguarding people, product, and infrastructure in hazardous conditions since 1947.

Our focus in the pharmaceutical industry is to facilitate safe and reliable performance in the lab while ensuring maximum productivity with single-use flexible powder solutions for high containment.


Our Single-Use Flexible Powder Solutions for High Containment

CMOs and CDMOs choose our proven solutions for powder transfers and containment over rigid stainless-steel systems, recognizing the significant advantages they bring to the manufacturing process value chain in both chemical synthesis of HPAPI and OSD processing for final drug products. Beyond meeting all regulatory requirements, our solutions reduce the risks of cross-contamination, minimize equipment cleaning and validation between batches, save on cost, and maximize productivity so that operators can work uninterrupted at peak performance.

  • EZ BioPac® is the industry’s most efficient and effective single-use powder containment and transfer system that speeds fill time and makes it easy to adjust contents to precise target weight.
  • DoverPac® SF is a global premier product for disposable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes. It’s the premier product for disposable process and powder containment systems and the global standard for containment, reliability, and service.
  • ArmorFlex® Films are the premier film for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical powder handling and containment that provide unmatched performance characteristics while increasing handling speed and safety. Unlike other films on the market, only components that meet the materials-of-contact test protocol requirements are used to produce ArmorFlex® They’re regulatory friendly, slip-agent free, and custom-formulated to deliver superior elongation performance (nearly 500%) for ruggedness and high strength.
  • Continuous Liners are effective and easy-to-use systems for containing APIs and other hazardous compounds. Continuous Liner System assures a safe and effective transfer of powders, giving operators the ability to fill multiple drums without breaking containment.
  • Flexible Isolators, such as the soloPURETM Aseptic Isolator, are based on more than twenty years of designing and building custom isolators for powder containment and sterile manufacturing. Standardized, modular designs allow quick delivery of isolators for many contained pharmaceutical powder handling processes.
  • Sentinel XTTM Clear System is an innovative PAPR specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications. It offers a full 320-degree field of view, allows the wearer to have facial hair or a head covering, and reduces feelings of claustrophobia.