Founded in 1972 Freund-Vector Corporation is a global market leader in the design, manufacturing of solid dosage processing equipment and services for the processing of powders, particles, beads and tablets. Freund Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, our parent company and a long-time business partner, purchased controlling interest of Freund-Vector Corporation in 1997. Together our two companies now have over 5500 worldwide equipment installations in 55 countries of the world.


Primary markets served by Freund-Vector include the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, confectionery, cosmetic and chemical industries. The Freund-Vector product lines include coating pan systems for applying an aqueous, solvent or sugar film coating; fluid bed systems for granulating, fine particle coating, spherization and drying; roll compaction for material densification and granulation; high shear granulators for wet granulation; spray dryers for creating small particles and automated process control systems for all the equipment/systems.


Freund-Vector offers a complete line of granulation equipment on the market and we have the experience and expertise to direct you to the method that is your best solution. Roll compactors, high shear mixers, fluid bed top-spray and rotor systems are each capable of creating particles with unique characteristics for use in the forming of tablets or filling of capsules. Our equipment lines include laboratory units for product development, larger pilot units for scale-up technology and larger capacity production systems that are all designed with engineered scalability.


Freund-Vector offers a comprehensive line of tablet coating and fluid bed particle coating systems. Both coating lines are designed for maximum processing flexibility with precision coating capabilities and interchangeable processing drums/inserts. Freund-Vector was the first to manufacture laboratory and pilot tablet coating systems with multiple interchangeable drums and now include production systems to provide maximum processing flexibility and efficiency within a single system.


Freund-Vector also offers innovative technology in spray drying. With Feasibility, Scalability and Flexibility in mind, with our new VSD-200 Spray Dryer is an enabling technology to create amorphous solid dispersions for the improvement of drug solubility. It is also a great choice for production of biologic substances, pharmaceutical excipients, and API even under containment.


The USA laboratory in Marion, Iowa, as well as at our European headquarters in Villasanta, Italy, feature processing equipment ranging from laboratory size to pilot scale to perform feasibility studies and product development.

Freund-Vector Corporation
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