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The Specialist Integrated CDMO
Hovione offers customized services and innovative solutions from drug substance to drug product with high standards of quality and technical expertise. We provide reliable supply with flexible manufacturing to bring medicines to market faster. Hovione is an integrated supplier to the pharmaceutical industry offering end-to-end solutions in one site.

From Drug Substance to Drug Product
Your partner in custom development and manufacturing of APIs. Bringing together excellence in process chemistry and manufacturing.

The Leader in Commercial Spray Drying
Combining the largest capacity, the best scale-up science, and the most experienced team, Hovione can take projects from development to market. Our particle engineering technologies can address oral bioavailability, lung delivery, modified release, and taste masking. In each technology, we can support from proof-of-concept to commercial manufacturing. We can also handle highly potent compounds. Our Development-by-Design methodology allows our customers to save costly API, to shorten development timelines and get guaranteed results.

The Platform ASD-HIPROS, Hovione’s Intelligent Proprietary Screening, is the most advanced and accurate tool to identify Amorphous Solid Dispersion formulations by Spray Drying with maximum performance and stability. In just 6 weeks, this platform maximizes the chance of identifying a successful formulation, accelerating the development towards commercial manufacturing and patient availability.

Continuous Tableting for Drug Product
Hovione is offering a commercial continuous tableting platform prepared to support key control needs and deliver on operational excellence, mechanistic modeling, and appropriate process analytical technology (PAT). Hovione´s quality system has been designed to support the release of continuous tableting products through automated in-process controls, deployment of real time release, and compliant digital infrastructure. This cutting-edge technology offers faster development of simpler processes, agile manufacturing for variable demand, robust control strategies and high process quality standards.

Hovione has a highly experienced multi-disciplinary global team in continuous tableting and upgraded its labs with the tools needed to support the drug product lifecycle, guaranteeing competency and capacity from research & development to production.

Everything for Inhalation
Hovione offers customized high-performance APIs, particle engineering and formulation services along with a full range of highly specialized innovative devices.

The Company
Hovione is an international company with over 60 years of experience as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with a fully integrated offering of services for drug substance, drug product intermediate and drug product. The company has four FDA inspected sites in the USA, Portugal, Ireland and China and development laboratories in Lisbon, Portugal and New Jersey, USA. Hovione´s culture is based on innovation, quality and delivery. Hovione was the first Chemical/ Pharmaceutical Company to become a Certified B Corp, is a member of Rx-360, EFCG and participates actively in industry quality improvement initiatives to lead new global industry standards.

We do well what is difficult, to give our customers what they cannot find elsewhere
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