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Enteris BioPharma- The Preferred Partner for the Development & Manufacture of Oral BCS III & IV Drug Products

Enteris BioPharma Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SWK Holdings Corp. (Nasdaq: SWKH), is a fully integrated development and manufacturing organization offering innovative oral drug delivery solutions. Since its founding in 2013, Enteris has adapted its oral drug delivery technology to advance multiple internal and client programs into the clinic. More recently, Enteris has completed a renovation of its 32,000-sq-ft GMP facility, including HPAPI containment and handling, in Boonton, NJ, enabling long-term partnerships for challenging solid oral drug product development from preclinical through commercial cGMP manufacturing.

Unlike other technologies, Peptelligence® and ProPerma® uniquely address issues with both solubility and permeation in a solid oral dosage form, enabling new and highly scalable treatment opportunities for peptides, peptidomimetics, and small molecules that typically need to be injected. Peptelligence® and ProPerma® utilize an enteric coating surrounding a tablet core containing the API with a synergistic combination of pH-lowering and solubilizing agents that are known to have permeation-enhancing properties.

Enteris’ oral drug delivery technologies have been proven safe and effective in more than 15 clinical studies, showing exceptional results in enhancing oral bioavailability of various peptide modalities, including but not limited to GLP-1, GnRH, PTH, DACRA, and KORA analogs. For certain small molecules, the technology has been shown to provide over 20-fold improvement in oral bioavailability. As a true full-service provider of choice, Enteris is uniquely qualified to provide total integrated oral drug product development for the most challenging compounds.

The process for testing oral feasi­bility using the Enteris platform in­volves a transparent review of the physicochemical properties of the partner’s API to determine fit and compatibility with the technology, using a developability assessment. Given an appropriate fit and align­ment with the partner’s goals, Enteris will then provide a plan to develop customized formulations containing enterically-coated tablet prototypes with the API to demonstrate proof-of-concept of oral bioavailability enhancement in nonclinical pharmaco­kinetic studies and ultimately human clinical trials.

For more information about the Peptelligence® oral formulation technology please download our brochure at https://enterisbiopharma.com/download-peptelligence-brochure/.