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High-Quality Self-Injection Systems

Experts in subcutaneous drug delivery systems for self-administration, Haselmeier provides innovative and award-winning system solutions to support patients with a successful therapy. Since October 2021, Haselmeier represents the Drug Delivery business unit of medmix, Haag, Switzerland (www.medmix.swiss ).

Our business covers all steps – from design to planning to industrialization – in the creation of high-quality self-injection systems. Our approach is built on a century of experience – and an open, curious mind.

As a leading solutions provider of customized smart drug injection systems, we support reliable, successful therapies. Haselmeier constantly drives innovation for subcutaneous self-injection devices. Our advanced technology, connected devices, and data management solutions improve therapy, and we continuously examine the requirements of therapy efficiency to evolve the technology even further.

We believe that while technology can enhance therapy efficiency, the needs of therapy inspire even better solutions. As a proactive partner, we offer high-tech products and bespoke services, and adapt quickly to evolving engineering opportunities and market changes. We place patient comfort and the needs of our customers at the heart of our approach. Haselmeier works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve the lives of patients by manufacturing pens and auto-injectors that are convenient, reliable, and that can be dosed with precision.

Spread across seven global locations on three different continents, the Haselmeier Group employs a workforce of more than 240 people. Our development and operations facility is located in Stuttgart, Germany, with global manufacturing facilities in Germany, Czech Republic, and India. Our manufacturing capabilities include high-volume injection molding, precision machining, manual and fully automated pen assembly.

As a full-service provider, Haselmeier can support you with a lot more than just R&D, product development, and pen assembly. Haselmeier is certified to provide pharmaceutical manufacturing services, so we can offer pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies a comprehensive assembly, labeling, and packaging service. As a result, we are able to support these companies with complete combination product manufacturing and packaging services. Our innovative reusable and disposable product platforms, connected devices, data management, and related service portfolios assist you every step of the way – leading to an advanced combination of drug and device that is as time-saving and economical for your company as it is safe and convenient. We support you at every stage – from technology to therapy.

Rapid drug development, smooth conduct of clinical trials, and fast time-to-market are high priorities for pharmaceuticals companies. For drugs designed for subcutaneous application, self-injection pens and auto-injectors from Haselmeier can help reduce risk and shorten time-to-market.