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The Sonceboz drug delivery device platform is designed for maximum flexibility for pharmaceutical companies with the goal to cover the full lifespan of a drug product starting from clinical trials to later lifecycle management activities. This is achieved by ensuring that existing fill and finish processes, primary containers and materials can be integrated seamlessly. Reduction of risk is one of the most important goals for pharmaceutical companies and by multiplying a device solution for different use-cases serves this purpose since the technology is established and well understood.

Based on a robust common fluid-path and drive system Sonceboz’s innovation provides wearable device solutions ranging from single container large volume – to multi-container automatic reconstitution injection. This is achieved by the use of a piston pump which applies gentle vacuum to aspire the drug from its primary container. Thanks to this pump design, the therapeutic spectrum which can be covered with the Sonceboz platform is unprecedented in its options while keeping fundamental requirements such as time-to-market in mind. This is reached by leveraging on existing and proven technology modules and by building around proven and in many cases already utilized primary drug containers and materials such as glass cartridges and glass vials.

Comfortable injection is performed using a needle insertion mechanism which places a thin soft-cannula for drug administration. The needle itself retracts immediately which ensures the prevention of accidental needle-stick injuries.

For integration in digital-health ecosystems the Sonceboz platform comes with Bluetooth connectivity which allows for adherence and compliance monitoring as well as patient feedback and guidance.

The innovative Sonceboz platform is comprised of three primary devices:

  • Large Volume Injector (LVI) which can be equipped with cartridge containers ranging from 3 to 20mL of volume either user-loaded or pre-loaded depending on the combination product configuration.
  • Dual-Cartridge Injector (DCI): A device which holds two cartridge type containers of various sizes. This device enables combination therapies of different drug entities out of one wearable device – a solution which can be a game changer in modern oncology therapies by enabling patients to self-administer even complex therapeutics.
  • Automatic Reconstitution Injector (ARI): Technology which allows the patient friendly mixing, preparation and application of drugs which are stored in a lyophilized form. The device allows for the connection of standard glass vials using a Luer-Type vial adaptor and then pumps a diluent liquid which is pre-assembled and filled in the device into the vial for reconstitution. Once the process is finished the device transfers the reconstituted drug for injection back into the built-in cartridge container and the device is ready for injection.

Each aspect of the design is focused on patient comfort, safety and ease of use. By leveraging on proven automotive drive technology and established high-volume production of components, the Sonceboz platform offers low-noise operation – which is important for discrete drug administration when body-worn while offering outstanding quality, safety and reliability of the system. Also it is important for ease of use to reduce user steps and therefore potential room for error. By providing a wearable device able to automatically reconstitute a lyophilized drug at the push of a button this purpose is met and it enables patients to administer complex therapies in their home setting – thereby reducing risk of hospital-acquired infections and reducing cost of treatment.