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iCeutica works with pharmaceutical partners to create new branded medicines by combining our proprietary SoluMatrix™ Fine Particle Technology with our partners’ product experience and commercial insights.

SoluMatrix™ Fine Particle Technology

The SoluMatrix technology is a scalable and cost-effective manufacturing process that can produce submicron-sized drug particles that are 10 to 200 times smaller than conventional drug particles. The technology both grinds the drug particles into a superfine powder and protects those submicron particles from subsequent agglomeration. The resulting powder can be manufactured into tablets, capsules, and other dosage forms using standard pharmaceutical unit operations.

The SoluMatrix technology has been applied at commercial-scale and three products utilizing the technology have been approved by FDA.

How SoluMatrix Works

The SoluMatrix technology improves the performance of lipophilic and poorly water soluble pharmaceuticals by dramatically increasing the rate of drug dissolution and improving oral absorption. By making submicron-sized particles of a drug, it is possible to:

– Improve the bioavailability and reduce the pharmacokinetic variability of a drug
– Reduce the time to onset of therapeutic efficacy
– Reduce the amount of drug required to achieve a desired plasma level
–  Reduce or eliminate food effects
– Change the mode of administration of a drug

 What SoluMatrix Can Do For Your Product

Using the SoluMatrix technology, iCeutica can transform development-stage or marketed pharmaceutical products in a number of clinically relevant and commercially important ways. For poorly soluble or highly variable products in development, we can ensure the product successfully progresses through clinical development and that the patient receives a consistent dose of the drug, with potentially less drug required and fewer side effects experienced. For marketed products, we can unleash improved performance and new intellectual property protection that extends the product lifecycle and profitability of the product.


iCeutica also provides companies development services, leveraging our staff of experienced industry professionals.

We offer the ability to be your single service provider to manage all steps of drug development from Phase 1 to NDA submission. Our development services include:

– Dosage Form Development
– Regulatory Submissions
– GMP Manufacturing Managemen
– Clinical Study Management

Our teams are led and staffed by experienced industry professionals and we can rapidly move from concept to clinical trial material to advance your drug development program.