Fuji Chemical Industries USA, Inc.
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Burlington, NJ 08016
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The Company

Fuji Chemical Japan, founded in 1946, is a leading provider of contract spray drying service and a manufacturer of highly functional pharmaceutical excipients. Fuji Chemical USA is a sales and marketing company servicing the North American market. Fuji’s primary mission is to provide high quality, unique ingredients and excellent service to the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

The Pioneer in Spray Drying

Fuji is a pioneer in both open-loop and closed-loop spray drying with over 50 years of experience. Over the years, we have helped customers to address various issues via our spray dry technologies.

Contract Spray Drying Service

Fuji is fully equipped from lab to cGMP commercial scale spray dryers to assist your project form early-stage development through commercial production. We provide our spray drying expertise and formulation services to solve solubility issues such as by amorphous solid dispersion which improves API properties, to produce high value APIs. In addition, in responding to customer demand, Fuji installed a new High Containment Spray Drying Facility for Highly Potent Compounds, which implements stringent containment measures corresponding to chemical hazards. Due to recent capacity expansion, we are able to meet customers’ tight project timelines.

Multi-Functional Spray Dried Excipients

Fuji has utilized the proprietary spray drying technology to develop multi-functional spray dried excipients to help formulators address various formulation challenges. Three of these high performance excipients, Fujicalin®, Neusilin®, and F-MELT® are being offered by Fuji to our customers:

– Fujicalin (porous Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous) Fujicalin is the perfect sphere for direct compression and granulation with improved blend uniformity, rapid disintegration and less abrasive to the press.

Neusilin (amorphous mesoporous Magnesium Aluminometasilicate) Neusilin is a multi-functional material that has made solid dispersion a viable technology and a competent adsorbent for liquid and SMEDDS

– F-MELT (ODT base)  F-MELT is a directly compressible ready-to-use excipient based for ODTs. F-MELT offers smooth mouth feel and good tablet stability.