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Setting the Standard for the Drug Delivery Industry for Decades

Aptar Pharma is a leading provider of innovative drug delivery systems to pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and biotech customers worldwide, enabling safe, convenient, and compliant medication delivery.

Every year, over 1 billion people use 6 billion Aptar Pharma systems safely, helping to improve their lives. In fact, every second, 20,000 patients receive their medication due to to Aptar Pharma’s technology.

We specialize in innovative and proven injection and spray drug delivery systems for the world’s biggest pharmaceutical brands, representing over $50 billion in pharma products. Our drug delivery systems provide strategic competitive advantages to help our customers succeed.

Aptar Pharma has an extensive product portfolio reflecting our broad therapeutic expertise in Nasal, Pulmonary, Injectables, Eye Care, and Dermal delivery routes, among others.

Our global manufacturing footprint of sites in Argentina, China, France, Germany, India, Switzerland, and the United States provide security of supply and local support to our customers.

 Aptar Pharma Continues to Break New Ground in Innovative Healthcare Technologies

We have products and solutions addressing key megatrends in the drug delivery industry, reflecting the evolving Pharma market, customer, patient, and consumer needs. Aptar Pharma is aligned with key industry trends such as security and safety, convenience and ergonomics, and patient adherence.

 We Are Delivering Connected, Intuitive Devices to Improve Patient Health Outcomes

As the leader in respiratory drug delivery systems, Aptar Pharma is focused on supporting customers and patients to effectively treat respiratory diseases, including asthma & COPD. Today 60% of patients fail to comply with their medication regimen.

At Aptar Pharma, we strongly believe that patient behavior can be changed through connected and intuitive, user-friendly devices. Connected devices provide objective monitoring and real-time data with digital solutions. This can improve patient engagement, significantly increase dose adherence, and improve patient health outcomes, as patients manage their treatments more effectively. This also creates value in the healthcare system as improved adherence reduces the number of hospitalization events in chronic diseases, resulting in lower healthcare costs to the payers.

Aptar Pharma offers a range of drug delivery devices that can bring in the full connected functionality and integrate them with software solutions that are accessible to patients and consumers. Aptar has partnered with several digital health solution providers to develop a portfolio of connected devices, such as MDIs and DPIs. We can provide add-on devices as well as integrated devices. Depending on your data stream objectives, such as monitoring adherence and compliance, we can develop the right connected solution for you.

Aptar Pharma…delivering solutions, shaping the future